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out of pittsburg, we have an accident there, and that also is blocking the right lane of traffic so you can see slow traffic approaching that scene and two separate accidents, boat out of lanes now, westbound, 580, including one at 580/680 junction on the shoulder but traffic is jammed from the central valley up and over the altamont pass. >> thank you, at 6:21. march madness just 140 clarks away. twitter is bringing the college basketball frenzy to users. >> and new sports [ male announcer ] rita's suitcase got lost a few months back. hi. i got a call today that you guys found my suitcase. we don't have it. know my name. [ sniffs ] are you wearing my sweater? [ male announcer ] good thing she hasn't noticed his pants. ♪ gain fireworks boosts the amazing scent for up to 12 weeks. ♪ [ sniffs ] daisy is 100% pure with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ >> san mateo bridge with traffic moving fine in both directions. you can see the deck is dry right there but we have sprinkles in the fast today with
is blocking a lane of traffic. back to the antioch area, pittsburg, eastbound four at railroad, an accident there, and westbound is still looking good as you make your way to pittsburg out of antioch. >> 4:39. a small dog, a big heartache after a pet is stolen on bart and the owner is desperate to get her companion back. >> an impost are made it into a cockpit. >> make-or-break time for blackberry, with vie long getting the new blackberry and pinning their hopes on it but it will be tough for blackberry to regain prominence. >> keeping your smartphone is a problem a mobile battery could be the solution. and our editor liked the mopie which can change how you use your phone. >> you feel more liberated, not so nervous or anxiety of using your phone all day long. >> it champions iphones and the company has similar battery pack cases for other >> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on this friday morning, 4:42. vallejo police are asking for help in finding a man who assaulted a woman on sunday afternoon on a park trail. investigators releas
are holding a gun buy-back for residents of fremont, newark and pittsburg police will buy guns from pittsburg or bay point residents. up to $1200 will be paid for rifles, shotguns and handguns. assault weapons are worth $300 until the money runs out. both take place between 10:00 to 3:00. fremont event is at the fire department training facility. pittsburg event is on city hall. guns must be unloaded and transported in the trunk of your car. >> in pinole they are investigating a scary kidnapping that happened in broad daylight. a 12-year-old girl told her parents a man on appian way asked her if she wanted a ride. when the girl said no, she claims the man grabbed her wrist but managed to escape. the man is described as young and thin with short hair and a piercing in his right eyebrow. >> the state department of social services has shut down the livermore day-care center pending an investigation. livermore police say the preschool is closed for licensing violations. social service officials were at the school yesterday and a notice on the front door now says closed for business. the notice ci
, there is a still right there at hillcrest road, very slow traffic, creeping along into the pittsburg area and then it picks up in concord. here are the drive times, highway 580 from the central valley and highway 4 and 80 to the macarthur maze and this is snow coming down in tahoe. there are chain requirements on both highway 80 and 50 but they are getting a dumping. expect delays in the sierra. our storm watch continues with cornell bernard joining us live with a look at how it is going there now. cornell? >> good morning, we have seen serious weather here in the north bay and right now i have to say that wind appears to be the big story. we are live in novato where the power has gone out to some businesses here at hamilton marketplace, namely, two or three restaurants at the very end of the strip mall. the storm has also caused problems in the santa rosa area where crews are dealing with the downed tree. that downed tree blocking california story and gates road, with high winds not only taking down the street but cables phone lines and power lines came down with it, and it happened at a
right now is 50 followed by richmond at 49 and san leandro and union city at 48 and along with pittsburg and saratoga and santa clara at 45 degrees. as we head through the morning, we will hang out in the low-to-upper 40's from our inland neighborhoods through the coast and to the bay. by noon, the clouds throughout now, the fog is gone and sunshine and a few high clouds from time to time like yesterday but the new temperatures, the outdoor patios the be packed in the favorite restaurants as you head to 4:00, upper 60's around the bay and mid-70's inland and we will settle in the throw upper 60's around the bay and inland during the evening hours and cooler at the coast admit 60's. the warmth will reach the height tomorrow, but tapering on thursday and friday but still above average. >> an update on the accident in oakland, west 24 at telegraph, there are four cars involved and they were all able to move off to the side of the road, change information and they will be on their way so this is west 24 at telegraph in oakland. otherwise, we do have road work out there, we have north 680 fro
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is looking good this morning, right now you are looking at speeds at the limit moving toward pittsburg where the green is right now. >> cardinals are at the vatican to elect a new pope and how they will first honor retired pope benedict. >> breathtaking new spectacle is officially on display. we will tell you how much it will cost to keep the bay lights project shining bright but first, the technical bits -- tech bytes. >> a better bulb. the l.e.d. light looks like a traditional light bulb it is half the cost of other lead bulbs, with cost a problem in getting the public to use the lead bulb -- l.e.d. bulbs. >> google shopping express is the latest sign that the search giant is expanding into amazon. >> forbes reports youtube will launch a music streaming service later this year. some of the names apple considered for what is now the iphone include the tr ipod and the ipad and iphone was owned by another company until after people struck a >> we track the storms first so you are ready. follow the weeks ago station of the bay area on twitter. >> good morning, everyone, welcome back. at 4:41.
in the east bay, hid and upper 50's, and you hid inland maybe a sector so around pittsburg and antioch and overnight lows with fog early, and we will see the 30's and here is a look ahead, you will notice we get a big warm-up tomorrow and the 70's will stick around right through next week. >> nice way to get into spring. >> bay area community is enjoying the spotlight, serving as the back drop for a new abc drama which is shot in canada but it is based in marin, the "red" is the nod to the golden gate bridge, a mother forced into crime after her husband is murdered. >> she will do anything to protect her family as a mother of three children. she is not a woman who has all of the skills by being ex-f.b.i. or ex-c.i.a. the show was created by a marin county native, behind "twilight." that is right here on abc7 news the. >> just ahead, lisa will be back with the week's perfect pet. >> tgif, or maybe tgff because we are having fun friday, with a special co-host. we are going do have a and abc7 news at 4, hidden gems, a new york man discovers good fortune six years ago in a book. and teleco
. on the east bay, oakland, 68. 66 for newark, and we have lots of 70s in the forecast for concord, pittsburg, antioch, 7 1, live moore, 72. here's the seven-day forecast. don't forget, spring ahead, spring forward. overnight tonight. move the clock one hour forward so you'll be on time tomorrow. but enjoy the day, sunny and mild. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, daytime highs in the mid-70s. 60s at the coast and then start to cool things down next week. by the way, abc7 news has another great weather source for you, follow at live doppler 7 hd for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. video forecasts, power outage situation, and weather peaks. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> i was hoping the sharks could turn around. >> mike: they should have played outdoors. hosting st. louis in a matinee, finally got some offense scoring three guns but the blues score one more. patrick marleau, the big hit against the blues captain. second period, sharks on the power play. owen for the point. sharks up 3-1, but the blues come fighting back in the third. sob
, hayward, 65. 68 for oakland and check out further inland you go from concord to 70. pittsburg 70. seven-day forecast, wonderful conditions sunday and monday and would you look at that warm forecast for tuesday and wednesday. the warmest days of next week in the mid-70s and we'll start to trend downwards friday and saturday. and great weather resource, follow live doppler 7-hd rain or shine and get power outage information and what a treat from your favorite weather team. >> ama: shu is here with sports. >> a little basketball. warriors hosting milwaukee at oracle. mike dunlevy is back in the house and monta would love to be with his team. he had 14 in the first half. warriors gave up 15 three's and from the corner, curry not letting him out do him. he hits a deep jumper. dave lee with bruised knee. right now, after three-quarters, warriors are down 7 and complete highlights tonight at 11:00. college hoops, women's tournament in seattle, lindsay got lieb were knocked on 0 by the third seat l.a. bears trailed by 21 at the half. walker led the way for the bruins. puts back the rebound and
as pittsburg, low 70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. more warming tuesday, wednesday, inland temperatures near 80. a terrific day on wednesday. ask then you'll notice temperatures starting to drop off. next weekend we'll be talking about a chant of showers on sunday. abc7 news has a great weather resource, follow tennessee live doppler 7 hd on twit are for the latest bay area conditions, rain or shine, get forecasts, "spare the air", power outages and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> ama: thank you, leigh. shoe -- shu is here with sports and baseball is getting closer. >> mike: going to my the semis and finals in san francisco. canada, no suspensions of yesterday's bases clearing brawl against income. michael saunders down the line and it's gone. gives the canadians the lead. but united states rallies. top eight. two men on. adam jones doubles into the gap. willie bloomquist and david wright while score. us a takes the lead. then greg kimble, comes in to close it. gets joey votto looking. u.s.a. wins. they and italy advance from group b to the second round in miami. >> c
it is moving at the limit and looking good all the way through to pittsburg and concord. >> thank you, sue. next, san francisco's explores' exploratory on the move. >> a reversal at the pump, how much less you can expect to pay if you have to fill your gas tank this morning. >> now this morning's tech bytes. >> catching up on marvel comics. the publisher is part of disney is making 700 of the number one issues available online, free, until tuesday. a new video game has been influenced by developments in the industry. >> this is a high energy game easy to get into, shooting, not so much, and still an enjoyable experience. >> tomb raider is available for play station 3 and >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> at 4:40, san francisco from the rooftop camera and you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge. we are watching all of this to bring you the latest in a couple of minutes. >> people close to an oakland woman missing since thursday say they are frustrated with police efforts to find the woman. family and friends of the woman held a prayer vigi
's. pittsburg, tracy, pleasanton, union city, saratoga, belmont, financial district, american canyon, we are close in santa clear at 49 and half moon bay at 46 and richmond at 48 and petaluma at 45. palo alto, also, is at 48. temperatures in the upper 40's through low 50's until 7:00 with thicker and higher clouds dimming the sunshine so make the temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday but upper 50's at the coast and upper 60's at the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. we will see a slow migration of temperatures down the scale over the friday, saturday, and sunday timeframe but away from the coast we are warmer than average with all the parades on st. patrick's day sunday, they will be dry. >> yesterday morning, we could not see our emeryville camera on 80 westbound. you can see it nicely this morning. the fog is not so thick and traffic is nice to the macarthur maze. in the south bay there is road work in the lanes for the next 20 minutes and north 101 in the mountain view area and in san jose, we do have a lane closure 880 to great mall parkway, in milpitas and 680, northbou
as you can see, it is looking good from antioch to pittsburg. >> we are following developing news in the east bay. police are investigating the shooting death of a man during rush hour at the richmond bart station. we were over the scene as the officers searched the area forest. it happened outside on the top of the stare case that commuters use to go in and out of the station. investigators say two men are behind the shooting. witnesses told officers the pair took off running after the shooting, and bart service is running normally and the station is open. abc7 news
by the argentineian dirty war. >>> so much for the family in the city of pittsburg. they heard an explosion from inside the garage. cars -- flames were coming from the car. the house was severely damaged. the family lived there r the past 13 years. >> i am in shock. >> i am just. , i can't even look at it. >> i am going to cry. >>> investigators said paint and wood stain insist the garage sparked the fire. damage to the house and contents inside are estimated at $200,000. >>> an early morning big rig fire in livermore caused traffic delays. the truck driver tells us he noticed smoke coming from the trailer. he managed to separate the cab from the trailer before the fire spread. >>> when they african-american rude, they used foam to put out the fire. >> a former san francisco lab technician accused of stealing cocaine has changed her plea to guilty. >> deborah madden appeared in federal court and part of the deal with prosecutors, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of cocaine possession. madden was charged with fraudulently making off with cocaine it she was supposed to be testing at the lab i
for liver mr. and 7 to for pittsburg. things are cooling down monday, thickening clouds tuesday, rain begins late tuesday afternoon, starts overnight. go with rain wednesday morning, followed by afternoon showers. thursday, breeze y day, and friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures warm back into the 70s. abc7 news as another great weather resource for you. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, plus get video forecasts, "spare the air", power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. wednesday, first day of spring. >> hard to believe it's here. mike shumann is here with a preview of sports. >> mike: selection sunday was kind to our local teams. cal and saint mary's got into the ncaa tournament. we'll tell you where they're going who they'll face. ) 3 daysg to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest bre
pittsburg antioch concord sixties by the bank san francisco ohio 63 for monday with increasing high clouds in the afternoon. upper sixties northbay 67 in oakland and here's the seven day around the bed looking at the week t uesday, cloudy, light rain in the evening showers wednesday morning clearing a lot of sunshine for the rest of the week in a warming trend was seventies back in town by friday and saturday. >> the latest figures and show the bay area real estate market took a small hit from january's figures. let's take a look. the median price for a house dropped about 1.8 percent from january's numbers however those numbers also showed that prices are up 25 percent from last year at the same time experts say with your bank owned properties pushing prices down the market is heating back up. an open house today revealed a close-up look at what the overall numbers are showing. >> reporter: at this open house in berkeley hills perspective buyers just kept coming. real estate agent temple with red oak realty said what is happening here is typical these days is the real start market bounce
, a little bit of yellow as we see on the road headed to pittsburg but not a bad ride. >> this could affect wall street today, europe's largest bank is cutting thousands of jobs. the financial times says hsbc will slash 5,000 jobs. and of the cuts happen in the united states where the bank has more than 40,000 workers mostly on east coast. the pink slips will save the bank $1 billion. >> rebound is preparing to leave for a three day visit to the middle east with lowered specifications. obama will depart on wednesday for israel where he hopes to smooth over relations with the prime minister binyamin netanyahu and will visit the wet bank. he will only spend a few hours meeting with palestinians. the latest poll published by israeli newspaper finds 38 percent define president obama's attitude to israel as "hostile." only ten percent view him as favorable. >> coming up the confusion that sent a car into a north bay store. >> the parking changes along a popular san francisco street that >> a massive wildfire continues to rage this morning in tennessee in the smoky mountains destroying dozens of
. there are mild temperatures outside, with clouds keeping things up. pittsburg is 54 and union city and tracy along with san leandro is 50, and financial district is 52 and everyone else is mid-to-upper 40's. our best chance of seeing sprinkles is near the coast and across the north bay today but anyone could get a drop or two out of the clouds. we have a moist flow from the west but we do not have a trigger mechanism to squeeze the moisture out of the clouds. low-to-mid 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast. as we look forward we will have rain tomorrow. it will be windy on thursday and spring warmth runs on friday. >> good morning, everyone, we have a couple of tollbooths at the bay bridge under maintenance for 20 minutes or so but i am not seeing delays. they should be reopened by action. traffic is coming through nicely with no problems on the upper desk but just some road work. we go to oakland and both directions of 880 between embarcardero and fruitvale until 5:00 this morning and highway 4, eastbound, toward antioch between hillcrest an
5:00 westbound is moving fairly well out of antioch to pittsburg. >> this morning, vice president biden and new york city bloomberg and families from new ton connecticut will meet. the not democrats dropped the gun control ban from the package concern that opposition would sink the whole bill. biden says he is still pushing for the ban and says the will of the people will eventually prevail. >> the u.s. government is offering up to $10 million in hopes of catching two americans who joined a terror organization in somalia. the 31-year-old, a former san diego resident, and 28-year-old from alabama are now on the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list. the two men are members of the terror organization affiliated with al qaeda. one has commanded foreign fighters in somalia. the other gentleman has helped the organization recruit english-speaking young people. >> south korea has a chinese internet address was the source of a large cyber attack. hackers hit the servers of banks and broadcasting companies yesterday morning. we were telling you about that but investigators think the chinese
and upper 60's for the most part in the east bay shoreline with oakland around 69, and 69 in pittsburg and everyone else in the east bay valley is in the low 70's and you will have the slowest of the winds. tonight, cooler mid-30's to low 40's and well have low-to-mid 40's around the bay similar and to the coast. if you traveling to tahoe we had snow usually this week but this weekend we are going to see a warming trend with a lot of sunshine and a temperature near 50 in the afternoon and if you are headed down to los angeles, our temperatures are near the 70 degree warm with sunday being the day with the least amount of sunshine in the morning giving way to afternoon sunshine. we will be warmest on sunday afternoon, temperatures are going to taper a little bit on monday and tuesday and still above average away from the coast and wednesday and thursday they are coolest with a chance of rain. abc7 news has another great weather resource, following live doppler 7 hd for the latest weather conditions, rain or shine and get "spare the air" alerts and power outage information and weather tw
. 70 for pittsburg and antioch tomorrow filtered sunshine, 72 degrees. here is a look at seven-day forecast. a little bit of change, a little cooling on monday. tuesday, wednesday, temperatures drop. we'll bring in a slight chance of showers on wednesday, but really thursday and friday we'll be the better chance of seeing shower activity around the bay area and even into next saturday possibly into easter sunday could be a little dance. we'll update the forecast. abc7 nice has a great weather resource. live 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecasts and power outage information and weather tweets or treats, always a treat. >>> thank you. and shu is here for sports. >> i want my weather treat after the show. ncaa tournament, cal facing syracuse trying to advance to the sweet 16 for the first time in 16 years. and mike montgomery, corner three. alan had a bad game. he was 3 of 9 from the field just 8 points. second half, michael carter williams the lay-in, they try to cut into the lead. great shot by justin cobb and syracuse i
the drive into antioch, as we head right over to pittsburg and into concord we are looking at the eastbound lane, and we can see three lanes are blocked until 6:00 a.m., and down the peninsula we make the drive along 101 southbound side, we are looking at more volume out there as you make it out of palo alto and into san jose. kristen and eric? >> we will later a lot more from you, thank you. >> developing in us from san jose this morning where detectives are investigating a police officer's shooting a suspect, the third type it has happened in that city this month our abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is near where the suspect was wounded. >> this scene was only just cleared overnight and it will be a long and thorough investigation because, as you mentioned, it is the third officer-involved shooting in san jose just this month. take a look at this video over the scene about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. you can see a red car in the driveway. that is the car in question. it is reportedly a stolen car. when police came upon it yesterday afternoon they saw a woman was driving. there was also som
in the city of pittsburg. they heard an explosion from inside the garage. cars -- flames were coming from the car. the house was severely damaged. the family lived there for the past 13 years. >> i am in shock. >> i am just. , i can't even look at it. >> i am going to cry. >>> investigators said paint and wood stain insist the garage sparked the fire. damage to the house and contents inside are estimated at $200,000. >>> an early morning big rig fire in livermore caused traffic delays. the truck driver tells us he noticed smoke coming from the trailer. he managed to separate the cab from the trailer before the fire spread. >>> when they african-american rude, they used foam to put out the fire. >> a former san francisco lab technician accused of stealing cocaine has changed her plea to guilty. >> deborah madden appeared in federal court and part of the deal with prosecutors, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of cocaine possession. madden was charged with fraudulently making off with cocaine it she was supposed to be testing at the lab in 2009. >
the way towards the pittsburg concord area. ace train number one has been running behind schedule today just about 8 minutes or so. they are heading now into fremont. ace train number 3 is on time. bart systemwide is good to go all morning as well as muni, caltrain and ferries. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for the latest on this gorgeous forecast, wednesday is going to be the best. >>> wednesday is going to be tops this week outside today starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog that's made its way into the bay and some valleys, as well. but as we head throughout the day today, that fog is going to give way to plenty of sunshine and what a beautiful afternoon it's going to be. mild to warm temperatures well above the average and will continue to do so probably for the remainder of the week. tomorrow going to be the peak of the heat. high pressure building in over head along the west coast that's sending the jet stream north and that means owe chance of rain right now, maybe next week. right now, low clouds and fog, delays at sfo
. temperatures are coolest in the american canyon at 39. petaluma and palo alto at 41. pittsburg is 51. belmont is 50. and union city and saratoga and richmond at 47. and pleasanton and santa clara at 45. mid-to-upper 40's with the fog through 7:00, and notice the hazy sunshine by noon and mostly sunny conditions away from the coast and low-to-mid 70's by 4:00 but 60 at the coast. temperatures are pleasant and most of us in the mid-to-upper 60's. we will see a slight pull back in temperatures but well above average away from the coast. >> we go back to marin and sonoma border. this is how it looked this morning. c.h.p. got the call of a truck off the road. you can see it in the ditch and it resulted in a fatality and investigators are still on the scene and this is north 101 before san antonio road south of the actual sonoma county borderline. the investigation is on going. now, to san francisco, coming off of the bay bridge we have an accident with three cars involved at the 5th street off-ramp you could find a minor delay off of the bridge with crews on the scene to get that cleared. >> 5:39.
in richmond and 49 in belmont and palo alto at 43 and tracy is 53 and pittsburg is 356. we are mostly under clear skies with patchy fog developing and sunny by noon and away from the cost you be stuck in the 50's and the low-to-mid 60's by 4:00, and upper 60's by mid-70's from the bay toward our inland neighborhoods and we will be back in the 60's for a mild friday evening. here is a look at the weekend, you can see temperatures are slightly cooler, with a little bit of a breeze in the air. sue? >> the golden gate bridge shows fog-proceed and traffic light with no problems and road work on the northern portion as you come east waldo and down to one lane so it slows and narrows down there. beyond the construction it is wide open moving into san francisco with four lanes for the commute. we still have a sig-alert at airway with an early big-rig fire blocking the right lane of traffic but it is eastbound, the reverse commute and the westbound drive is looking good as you move out of the live more area and toward dublin/pleasanton. otherwise, we we have this car being pulled from the ditch nort
delays as you move toward pittsburg and into concord on westbound 84. >> making a pitch to hispanic voters, significant immigration plan that a republican senator will unveil this morning. >> smartphones, stab lets and streaming video, a survey reels how -- reveals how connected we are. >> but first this morning's money report. >> feel the effects of cyprus, markets lost ground over the we island nation and possibility of a euro zone crisis with the dow jones industrial average falling 2 points for the second consecutive loss. and yoga is -- a yoga company is pulling yoga pants. >> and a fast food chain is offering a turkey burger for limited time and if it is popular i could be part of burger king's regular menu. that is america's >> walnut creek, burlingame, calculate bell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this use morning, it is the last day of winter. this is the embarcardero and bay bridge. we are checking traffic and following the weather with updates on both. >> the marine mammal center is caring for an increasing number of elephant seal pups that have been stranded
runs and points to the west open highway four, pittsburg, bay point, antioch, the delta, that is where we have the heaviest rain the next hour or so with more lined up to come ashore and it looks like it will be wet anywhere north of fresno today with 60 in monterey, sacramento and chico and snow and before lake level and rain at 50 and to the south, clouds and 70 in los angeles and 90 in palm springs. >> hello, everyone, nice to see you out there and a little bit of wet roads on the golden gate bridge you can see a windshield wiper here, which is needs and extra time is what you need for the commute. a couple of problems in the not bay with an accident in petaluma area, southbound 101 at lakeville highway, they waiting for a tow truck with a car in the dip. and to the east, highway 121, c.h.p. is on the scene waiting for a tow truck. a lot solo spinouts because of the wet roads. >> 5:26. happiness, a morning cup of coffees makes a lot of us happy but it could do more. a couple of special coffee could be why special on the green island -- rather, a greek island live in their 90's. 87 p
at pittsburg and everyone else in the low 70's and tonight it will be breezy in the higher elevation and temperatures in the valleys not affected, mid-40's to low 40's and mid-40's around the bayshore to low 40's in the south bay and at the coast. the seven-day outlook show temperatures pulling become a degree or two tomorrow but not so breezy. you can see the surge in remain whatth for sunday and we will pull back monday and tuesday and the wins come on shore again and our coolest days will be wednesday and thursday and that is our best chance for light rain. have a great day. >> ahead, the change pepsi is making to make one of the sodas easier to drink the. >> there is a yoga pant removeed from store shelves for being too shear and lulu lemon is taking chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acn
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